The Management of Sterling Creations Ltd. is committed to maintain a safe and healthy work- place and clean environment due to its manufacturing activities by minimizing risk to people & property and adverse effect on environment and by complying relevant legal and other require- ments.

As a garments manufacturer in Bangladesh, we intend to minimize adverse impacts to the environment through effective and efficient design, manufacturing and distribution of our products. 





♦ Structural Assessment Letter


♦ Environmental Policy

♦ GHG Emissions

♦ Consumption Report

♦ Waste Inventory

♦ Air Emission 


♦ Goals and Objectives  ♦ Certificate

 ♦ Anti corruption & Bribery Policy

 ♦ Child Labor Policy

 ♦ Child Labor Remediation policy

 ♦ Compensation Benefit Policy

 ♦ Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

 ♦ Disciplinary Action Policy

 ♦ Fire Policy  ♦ Forced Labor ♦ OT Policy

 ♦ Freedom of Association Policy 

 ♦ GBV Control Policy ♦ Grievance Policy

 ♦ Health Policy          ♦ SOP

 ♦ Non Discrimination Policy

 ♦ Recruitment & Dismissal

 ♦ Termination Policy

 ♦ Working Hours Policy

 ♦ Supplier List

 ♦ Indirect Supplier List

♦ Audit  ♦ Knowledge Partners

♦ KPI ♦ Strategy & Goals













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