Environmental  Management System

The Management of Sterling group is committed to maintain a safe and healthy workplace and clean environment due to its manufacturing activities by minimizing risk to people and property and adverse effect on environment and by complying relevant legal and other requirements.

As a garments manufacturer in Bangladesh, we intend to minimize adverse impacts to the environment through effective and efficient design, manufacturing and distribution of our products.

Our approach to Environmental aspect is summarized as follows:

Ø  Prioritize Environment is our no. one priority.

Ø  Implementing & maintaining sound Environmental practices.

Ø  Consistently meeting all prevalent regulatory & statutory norms related to environment and exceed wherever practicable.

Ø  Enhancing Environmental awareness among employees and general public in and around the plant.

Ø  Conservation of key input resources like energy and water.

Ø  Providing necessary resources for promotion of clean environment & continuously strive for improvement in our Environmental performance.

Ø  Commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.


ISO Certification:

STERLING DENIMS LIMITED &  STERLING LAUNDRY LIMITED obtained ISO 14001:2015 & continually strives for environmental improvement through implementation of its Policy and Environmental Management System. Ways to minimize impacts to the environment from our business activities are continuously being developed, implemented, and tracked.

  • Environmental performance shall be ensured during all operations to control pollution.
  • The company shall make informing, educating, training to all employees about EMS objectives.
  • Committed to continual improvement by risk Assessment; Waste minimization, “3R” concepts (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

  Continuous improvement is a part of our culture. This applies not only to our business opportunities and operations but also to our environmental performance.


♦ GHG Emissions Report


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♦♦ Resource Conservation


♦♦ Air Emission Test Reports


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